Our story began with a dream

– what many call the American Dream – and the belief that every man and woman has within themselves the ability to make that Dream a reality.  We grew – with small, determined steps – from one man in his living room more than 20 years ago to where we are today, with offices throughout the United States and a client roster that rivals many fortune 500 companies.  We know what it’s like to build your own business and we can help you do the same. It doesn’t end with the building of your Dream, however.  Like any asset, that Dream needs to be nurtured and protected.  And our flexible finance programs are designed to do just that.  Flexible, in fact, is the key word.  We can build our own, custom-made solutions for your business because it’s our money.   No governmental agency or big-wig on Wall Street tells us what we can and cannot do  – and that makes all the difference in the world. Every member of our team is a successful entrepreneur in their own right.  Because we have each lived the same set of triumphs and struggles as our clients, we are uniquely positioned to address and help you overcome the fears and challenges that make building and retaining a successful business such an accomplishment. Since 1992 we have assisted thousands of business owners and equipment vendors with their financing needs.  Our 80%+ approval rate keeps those same people keep coming back – because we have what they need to grow, but also because we treat them like more than a number or a ‘sale’.

Every client, old or new, is treated with the same level of Respect we would expect ourselves.

These are a just a few of the ways that The Leasing Experts Respects Your Business…

Respect For Who You Are

There is no mindless automatic system that thinks for us.  We take the time to listen to every story and work with our clients to overcome obstacles that might otherwise keep them from getting what they need.  Unlike our larger competitors, we are independent and nimble enough to create new and innovative programs tailored around each client’s unique set of circumstances.

Respect For Your Knowledge

We know that every client has something to teach us as well as something to learn. By taking the time to get to know each of our clients individually, we grow together. In that way, each client becomes part of our team and we work in partnership for a better, stronger, and more financially stable future.

Respect For Your Confidential Information

Our network is monitored 24 hours a day and updated continuously with state of the art applications designed to keep your information safe.

Respect For Your Future

Whether your business is seasonal or just facing a temporary financial challenge, we can create a payment plan that allows your business the fluidity needed to combat and overcome the ups and downs we all experience in life.

Respect For Your Time

We provide a decision on most applications within 24 hours of receipt, sometimes much earlier.