How Equipment Financing Works

Fill out our simple, one page application available and send it in. Or give us a call. In many cases we can take the application right over the phone. Even better, we can have one of our knowledgeable sales people give you a call and talk you through the process. We work with the vendor and equipment of your choice, devising a payment program tailored to your current financial position.

If your business is seasonal, we can create a plan with lower payments during your off season.

If your business is in a temporary financial slump, we can create a plan that increases over time.

Because we are direct lenders, we have the ability to be as creative as the occasion requires.  You can expect an approval on your application within just 24 hours, sometimes much sooner.  Once approved and all contingencies, if any, are released, the documentation will be emailed to your secure email address.  We do not require notarization of signatures, but use a copy of your driver’s license to verify identity, keeping the entire process as swift and pain-free as possible. Vendor payments are ACH’d directly to the vendor’s account, enabling them to ship almost immediately.


Equipment Financing Lets You Secure the Tools You Need Today With Funds You’ll Have Tomorrow

Having the right equipment is essential to getting any job done right. No one understands that better than our team at The Leasing Experts. We offer a wide variety of equipment leasing and financing options with little or no down payment.  Even better, as direct lenders we can develop a payment structure tailored to each unique enterprise.

Why Finance? They key reason most businesses finance is to preserve and enhance cash flow.

If your business can afford it, you may think the wisest decision is to purchase the equipment outright. Here are some things to consider before your next business equipment purchase:

Disadvantages of Cash
  • Diminished Reservescash payments have an immediate impact on cash flow by diminishing critical cash reserves.
  • Impact on Credit: the depletion of cash reserves is a depletion of assets and may affect your credit worthiness.
  • Impact of Soft Costs: paying cash for soft costs such as installation, delivery and maintenance further erodes reserves.
  • Return on Time: we believe cash should first be used for income producing investments, since you pay with today’s dollars at today’s value.
Advantages of Financing
  • 100% Financing: leasing and financing often covers 100% of the equipment cost together with soft costs including training, software and installation.
  • Possible Tax Savings: tax advantages can sometimes make financing less expensive than an outright purchase.
  • Cash Flow: as direct lenders, we can customize a solution to fit your particular situation.
  • Use Inflation to Your Advantage: if you pay cash for equipment, you pay with today’s dollars at today’s value. When financing, you pay with next year’s inflated dollars, and the next, and the next.
  • Preserve Bank Credit Lines: financing with us doesn’t affect your bank borrowing limits. You still have 100% of your credit available.
  • Accounting Benefits: monthly payments may be deductible as operating expenses rather than accounting for the equipment as an asset.

You select the equipment. We provide the financing.
TLE Equipment Financing offers sound guidance, flexible structuring and competitive financing.
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*This information does not constitute tax advice.
Consult with your tax advisor to determine how to use equipment financing to take advantage of expensing and depreciation tax savings or visit